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About Us

Our Team

SYED FASIHUDDIN                          President

DR. SYED KHALID HUSSAIN          Vice President

DR. ILMANA FASIH                         General Secretary

MR. ANEES AHMED KHAN             Joint Secretary

DR. MOHAMMAD AFZAL                Treasurer


Tabeer is a not for profit organization, with a mission to create awareness on health and social issues in the community, to the literate, semiliterate and the illiterate individuals alike and through conventional, unconventional and innovative means. To educate by whichever means best suited to the individuals or the community, enabling them to lead a lifestyle which promotes health and prevents disease.

Our Vision

We are a ‘dream team’ that believes in dreaming of a world where there is awareness about the health and social issues which are relevant for the happy and healthy existence and not mere survival of the individuals or communities.
Our vision at Tabeer is to strive until we see the realization of the dream where the last person in the community is health aware and is able to own a healthy life style by willful choice.

Statement of Values

We believe that knowledge is POWER. And this power can prevent a lot of ‘issues’ become ‘problems’ by ‘nipping them in the bud’.
We think that knowledge is not the prerogative of the literate or the privileged. Every individual in the community, irrespective of the literate or economic status, is entitled to be aware for the health and social issues that matter to them.
We are aware that individuals who are encouraged to practice healthy lifestylehave low prevalence of chronic diseases.
We opine that the means of creating health and social awareness should be culturally appropriate.
We are certain that health and wealth of a family is directly related to the level of health awareness of their women. Hence to empower women is our utmost priority. A happy and healthy woman is able to raise a happy and healthy family. A happy and healthy family leads to happy and healthy citizens.
We are open to develop joint participation in projects of mutual interest among dedicated and capable individuals or organizations within and/or outside Pakistan for the welfare of our community.
We aspire to mobilize human, material and intellectual resources and utilize scientific and technological expertise for the service of humanity in the sphere of Health and Education.
We strive to promote and provide opportunities of health, social, cultural, human rights, and economic betterment of the individuals in particular and community at large.

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